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International Negotiation:

A Journal of Theory and Practice


Themes of past issues of International Negotiation


Past issues of International Negotiation have considered the following themes (click below to view article abstracts for each issue):


Vol. 1 1996

No. 1 Negotiation Metaphors: Framing International Negotiation Anew

No. 2 Defining a US Negotiating Style

No. 3 Negotiations in the Former Soviet Union and the Former Yugoslavia


Vol. 2, 1997

No. 1 Ethnic Bargaining: Conflict Management in Pluralistic Societies

No. 2 Lessons Learned from the Middle East Peace Process

No. 3 Conflict Resolution Training in Divided Societies


Vol. 3, 1998

No. 1 The Teaching of International Negotiation

No. 2 International Negotiation as Social Exchange

No. 3 Negotiating the European Union


Vol. 4, 1999

No. 1 International Business Negotiation

No. 2 Implementing Policies of Sustainable Development: Examining Actor    

                      Relationships and Negotiation Processes

No. 3 Negotiating Effectively: The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations


Vol. 5, 2000

No. 1 International Economic Negotiations: Overcoming Asymmetry

No. 2 Negotiating International Watercourses: Water Diplomacy, Conflict and Cooperation

No. 3 Negotiating Security: New Goals, Changed Process


Vol. 6, 2001

No. 1 Issue of unsolicited articles

No. 2 Negotiating Identity: From Metaphor to Process

No. 3 Negotiation of Internal Conflicts


Vol. 7, 2002

No. 1 Establishing a Data Set on Intrastate and International Negotiation and Mediation

No. 2 Ethical Issues in Conflict Resolution

No. 3 Conceptualizing and Measuring Conflict Management Success


Vol. 8, 2003

No. 1 Multilateral Negotiation and Complexity

No. 2 Multiparty Negotiation and the Management of Complexity

No. 3 Negotiating with Terrorists

Vol. 9, 2004

No. 1 Innovative Processes in International Negotiation

No. 2 Negotiation of Innovation

No. 3 Methods of Negotiation Research: I


Vol. 10, 2005

No. 1 Methods of Negotiation Research: II

No. 2 The Impact of Colonial Bargaining on Intergroup Relations in Africa

No. 3 Negotiating Weapons of Mass Destruction


Vol. 11, 2006

No. 1 Coordination in Conflict Prevention, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding

No. 2 Negotiation in an Insecure World: 10th Anniversary Issue

No. 3 International Trade Negotiation


Vol. 12, 2007

No. 1 Issue of unsolicited articles

No. 2 International Mediation Processes

No. 3 Negotiation, Law and International Trade Regimes


Vol. 13, 2008

No. 1 Peace Processes, Secret Negotiations and Civil Society

No. 2 The Evolution of International Negotiation Processes

No. 3 Mediation I: Homage to Saadia Touval


Vol. 14, 2009

No. 1 Mediation II: Homage to Saadia Touval

No. 2 Negotiating International River Disputes to Avert Conflict and Facilitate Cooperation

No. 3 Issue of unsolicited articles


Vol. 15, 2010

No. 1 Negotiating the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict

No. 2 International Negotiation Pedagogy

No. 3 Negotiating International Development


Vol. 16, 2011

No. 1 25 Years of Conflict Management

No. 2 Issue of unsolicited articles

No. 3 Culture and Negotiation

Vol. 17, 2012

No. 1 Improving the Effectiveness of Multilateral Trade Negotiations

No. 2 Issue of unsolicited articles